XEQUALSWHY? @ THC, Hamtramck + BankleAP, Detroit- 12.20.08

I had so much fun this evening. I have to thank Cheryl and Rich for making this evening happen first and foremost. Then Josh, JohnB, Cait, Eva, Mike, Bethany, David Blunk II, Steph, Tony, Audre, Mike, Amy, Jeff, Carinne, Shanon, Phil, Sam, Alex.. Ernie, Joe, Steve, the bands… It was a exhilarating, overwhelming, orgasmic. The after party was like a concentrated plasmatic dose to the dome piece, thanks for letting me dj! Close friends are where it’s at. You guys are beautiful.

[enter 12.20.08 gallery]

come back in a hot minute and i’ll put a mix up here.

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