Vote Obama, McCain

If possible, vote out-of-state; if not, vote uncommitted.

After seven years of the Bush regime, a long-awaited replacement at the White House and a new vision for America is only 375 days away. Across our country, there is a growing recognition that the Bush administration’s shortsighted approach to policy has further entrenched America in political divisiveness, advantaged America’s wealthiest people at the expense of its less fortunate and brought our nation into an unnecessary and internationally embarrassing war in Iraq. The damages are being billed to our generation. In this year’s upcoming primary elections, we have an opportunity to support candidates who can change this destructive course.

While making a difference in a primary election is usually as simple as punching a ballot for the best candidate or candidates, the situation in Michigan this year has practically stripped voters here of their say. Chastised by the national Democratic and Republican Parties for challenging the unfairness of the current nominating process, Michigan now has an incomplete list of candidates on a Democratic ballot that has no power at the Democratic National Convention and a Republican ballot with half its usual convention strength. This is an insult to Michigan voters from the national parties, not necessarily the candidates, who can’t be blamed for the parties’ politicking.

No matter how insulting the diminished ballot is to voters and despite the obstacles, it shouldn’t keep them from voting. Although it would usually be incumbent of all University students to vote here in Ann Arbor, where their votes would emphasize the student voice, this election is the exception. Out-of-state students should vote absentee in their home states, where all of the candidates will be on the Democratic ballot and all of the delegates are still promised (with the exception of Florida). However, in-state students must work within this year’s unique confines, using the option of voting uncommitted to cast a ballot for those Democratic candidates not on the ballot. Voters cannot write in the major candidates not on the ballot because these votes will not count.

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