Todd Hido, Artist look


Not too long ago, I was at a gallery show witnessing a friend’s works when I came upon the film works of Todd Hido. Simple and clean, these exterior scenes reflect the artist’s interest in the themes of home, family, and memory. His photographs depict anonymous suburban dwellings at night, soft landscapes, and females in heartless hotel rooms, all of which deliver unsettling feelings of isolation and unease. With only available light and long exposures, he creates highly detailed and richly saturated images.

He captures a haunting suburbia through the absence of people on a personal level and the careful darkroom modulation of light and color. They allude to imagined domestic narratives taking place inside which rely on the viewer to complete. Hido is does not seem to be passing judgements on these domestic scenes but rather acts as a detached voyeur. If you take the time to view his gallery you wont be sorry, leave your flash at home next time you go out.



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