Snoop Doggs Father Hood – Torrent

Snoop Doggs Father Hood is your typical, generic US reality show. If you want something fresh you should go somewhere else. The show is about Snoops domestic, suburban life. Its supposed to look like a reality show but its more obvious than most shows that this one is scripted. The acting can be awful at times. If you’re a Snoop fan like me, its probably worth checking out, he stays high and keeps his laid back humor. Quality of the torrent is decent apart from the sound which is below average. Download if you like.



This pretty much sums this episode up: Snoop gets stressed out cause his kids are causing a riot, so he goes to the doctor (who is too sexy to be a real doctor… i take that back, my girl’s a doctor and she’s sexy as sin). She tells him to go to yoga class and later, acupuncture. The kids cause a bigger mess and their mom gets pissed off. Snoop finds out cleaning can be calming.

512 x 384 | 22:06 967kbps – vbr mp3 121kbps – 174MB |Air Date: 9/12/07

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