Second Monthly S2dio Night Detail

Figured I ought to post a detail from the last gallery showing. To all who weren’t there or came late, these were the two i went gonzo with. Might upload them larger and throw option to by this evening when I’m not posting from the phone.

The second one has no retouching, while the first has moderate retouching with clone tool.


Other photographers besides Josh Hanford, John Bictacion, and myself, included the lovely Sarah Stawksi.

Brought to you by DetroitByDesign.
Special thanks to Antonio Monzari and Annalena Iacobelli, and Elizabeth Krantz.

One Response to “Second Monthly S2dio Night Detail”

  1. snakedog12 says:

    haha. You ham. I cant remember the last time someone called me Elizabeth Krantz. LOL.