Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing, with tiny girls

can’t see the video? [click here]

so it’s official, everything is touch and anything less is not touch. so whats left? ah yes, now we must do it with more style, check out the unboxing of the samsung omnia900. i love the sound the horse makes, something about miniature horses being flicked across a room that i wont ever get tired of.

my fav is the youtube responses;

turky2003 (18 hours ago) Show Hide
im gonna have to go with real

paperboy6645 (19 hours ago) Show Hide
So what is the final consensus? Is this fake or what?

TaylorSPL (19 hours ago) Show Hide
You make my brain hurt. It’s real, there’s tiny exploding people inside of every box.

alfomp (19 hours ago) Show Hide
That’s great!

Majornalis (19 hours ago) Show Hide
I’d put her in my pants.


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