Rooftop – wallpapers


a few people have asked me about the shot from main banner, and some friends noticed i had it as my wallpaper. they said i oughta put it up so i did. you have the choice the the sky or the rooftop. i took this shot from the roof of michigan central station overlooking the southeast side. click the images above,

or [download] both in a zip at 3404×2669 res.

if you live in the city, chance are you’ve probably grabbed your camera, a bat, and a few friends and went on an urban exhibition through the tattered halls. the view from the roof is gorgeous, it’s a great place to relax or to become inspired. restoration would cost around 80 million, but the city has failed to raise the money given the fact that there isn’t sure purpose for restoration. now that the casino has been founded, i’m certain that thoughts of turning the station into a casino are not far off. if you’d like a link to the photolog of ventures i’ve made here in the past six years shoot me an email.

here’s a video of two old timers reflecting on there experience in the station after the the closing of the station in 1987.

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