RIAA says your sister sells rock

I just uploaded this video today, so I wont be surprised if some powers that be take it down before too long. If so I’ll find something besides youtube. look at that fat fucker.

This is a leaked official RIAA training video produced with the National District Attorneys Association telling U.S. prosecutors why they should bust music pirates: Because it’ll lead them to “everything from handguns to large quantities of cocaine [and] marijuana,” not to mention terrorists and murderers!

The whole video is over 60 minutes long—these are just two of the more outrageous minutes with Jim Dedman, from the NDAA, interviewing Deborah Robinson and Frank Walters from the RIAA about the benefits of going SWAT on music pirates. At one point, Walters says the piracy/drug connection can be so bad that you get asked “When you buy a CD, would you like it with or without—the with is enclosing a piece of crack or whatever the case may be.”

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I assume their focus is on the sale of actual discs with pirated applications/movies/music, but with this they’re encouraging law enforcement to waste man hours fucking around with civilians for the wrong reasons, while those with actual weight widdle it down to their subsidiaries. might it be possible that the riaa is mistaking “call of duty 4 w/ crack`” for pirated software accompanied by actual crack cocaine? i wouldnt put it past them. SHUT UP FAT MAN.

Whats next you ask? I’ll tell you; U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in World of Warcraft

[more on that via WIRED blog]

for more laughs, check out this anti-piracy ad from UK comedy, “The It Crowd”

[IT Crowd Anti-Piracy]

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