Paxahau – Z’s Villa [08.31.08]. Richie Hawton, Cassy, Magda.

08.31.08 [click to enter the gallery]


paxahau throws a rave with talent. we get to z’s villa at 1pm.. it’s daytime, feels really wierd.. all those asshole hopped up in the hot sun, i’m surprised no one died before i left. goes till 10, then moves to nnl. we’ve got that felch5k up in here. Kaley it was a pleasure to meet you and Olga, hope you dig the candids i sent, would still like to see your shots. Lisa it was a pleasure to meet your friends and participate as an extra, i can’t believe dude with boom got our whole conversation recorded, fucker was listening in. that shit is going to be in the movie and there’s nothing we can do about it… not that we would but still, what are the odds?

in other news, i was given an amp ready kenwood head unit for my blazer, thanks Rod. anybody reading wanna put that in? i have no idea what i’m doing. Alica got me one of those giant cards that plays music, i keep it in my car so’s i can cheer up when in traffic. it’s 3:33am. ryan, i found plane tickets for two from DTW to JFK NY for as low as $66 person one way between sept 8th and nov 8th via Travelocity. i’m guessing they’ll want us to buy our own parachutes though.


me and rodney got commissioned 1.7k for a Canon GL2, and another 6 hundo for a Canon VIXIA HF-100. Now we have some nice production equipment. i’ve not yet used my macbookpro for vid editing but i’m sure it should hold up just fine.

It’s Wednesday. Stevie and Chromie dj at Old Miami Tonight. Might see me there. in the meantime here’s some not-so-minimal mashup for you. it’s that bangfest by ludachrist. i trimmed it from the 32 minute mark so you hear what i want you to, a zelda & 50 jam that’s sure to make you shake your ass.

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