Namiko Kitaura

Born in Tokyo in 1977 NAMIKO KITAURA left for Europe at the age of twenty. From London to Milan, she studied painting, photography, received a solid education in History of Art, semiotics and image analysis. In 2003, she was accepted at Fabrica.

The images give the viewer the opportunity to explore their beauty within the transience, ambiguity and gentle melancholy. Her focus is to visualise those aspects of the almost invisible human condition that is behind appearance: passion in depression, comfort in sadness, tranquillity in chaos and beauty in ugliness.

The work above is a series of screenshots from a digital animation of herself suspended in a ‘healing pool’, in which tiny fish remove the dead skin from her body. Healing is never easy. It is a process of change, transformation, an acknowledgement of sickness and then a movement towards an idea of wellbeing, whether it be a conventional or unconventional definition of wellbeing.

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