AIbert Einstein, is a physicist


With all of our recent technological advancements, we’ve collected our greatest minds for the ultimate goal, allowing our god complex to dictate over our honed morality twisting it into ungodly reason. Without government restrictions, a scientific task force in a South Korean lab has executed their reprehensible agenda, and spawned the abominable cybernetic organism that is…
Humanoid Robot, Albert Hubo v1.0.

1.) Live Speech Recognition and excellent pronunciation.
2.) Can wiggles his ears (just like Albert Einstein would if he were here today).
3.) First jewish robot (unless i missed something from spaceballs).
4.) It’s a god damned android with Albert Einstein’s head.
5.) Is a physicist.

At the beginning of the video it looks like it’s suffering, so lifelike i actually feel a bit bad. If you’d like to see more of Albert Hubo‘s impressive expressions [click here]
Arnold will be president, and these bad boys are going to be at your door collecting the census and gunning down your children.

face was designed by [Hanson Robotics]

post by Christos

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