Mark Bittman Eat My Heart Out

Feeling a little like leftover mexican? Think it has anything to do with what you shove into you’re greasy gullet? You might just be right. Nutrition is simple, but the truth seems to be that people let the market make their dietary decisions for them. Imagine food as sex. Do you want cheap superficial mindless sex, or passionate deep substantial sex. Keep up with with the corn-fed chicken nuggets and you’re going to look like ten miles of hard road in no time. A balance diet will make you look and feel better.

Everyone is different and therefore can rely upon a contrast of nutritional need. My rule of thumb would be six to eight glasses of water a day, two parts fresh fruits or vegetables, one part whole grains, one part Eggs, fish and chicken (fresh/free range), and red meat when celebrating death. No fast food and another rule of thumb; when you’re drunk anything goes. But seriously people, take a little stock in your own health.

Mark Bittman covers food politics, the truth about meat today, and what it means to be corn fed. He also discusses how cooking seemingly became complicated over time, which in turn caused us to reply on prepared food.

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If you’re at all interested and want to see some real figures please help yourself to the whole ten yards:
detailed analysis.

Mark Bittman also done a food blog for the NY Times where you can find delicious and simple recipes:

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