Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat, new art


So “Stuck on Repeat” starts out like your typical electro-disco banger—semi heavy synth line, shuffling beats and a little dash of arpeggio. At a very limited first impression, and aside from the most awesome use of a sleigh bell in probably forever, it all seems pretty safe. Pretty safe that is, until the vocals come in, and you realize that instead of a trendy little dance number what you are in fact listening to is Kylie Minogue and Ladytron having a pool party with Simian Mobile Disco before hitting a nightclub in Milan circa 1979. The weird thing about italo disco is that a lot of people who are riding the current revival forget how, well, cheesy a lot of that music was (not that we’re knocking it, we mean where would we be today without Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy”?). Where “Stuck on Repeat” succeeds is that it really does take that style of ultra sleek, glossy production and updates it today’s dance music standards. Oh, and can we talk about the way the beat drops around the 4:30 mark (the fact that, in this day and age, a song can wait until the 4:30 mark to drop the beat, is a testament to its brilliance)? It’s almost hard to believe that Little Boots is just one (strictly anonymous) woman from London and not a supergroup made up of Calvin Harris, Justice, SMD and Xenomania. We know what we will be jamming to all this summer in every club on the planet…


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i know i know, the gallery i havent touched it since day one, so its long overdue. wanna see what im workin on today, is not done yet so yep.


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