Lee Camp Shits on Fox

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Lee Camp explains why he shit on Fox News while live on Fox News. This is a satisfactory moment for every red-blooded America. Lee Camp says it best.

As most of you have seen, I ripped into Fox “News” while on a Fox “News” morning show this past Saturday. If you haven’t seen it, the clip is to your right. I didn’t say what I said in order to get attention. I figured that my statements would piss off a few hundred Fox viewers (or maybe help them question the “facts” they’re getting from their sacred channel) and that I would show the clip to a few friends. As it turned out, within a day the clip had been viewed around 300,000 times on various sites, and I was getting interview requests from national radio shows. Apparently I struck a nerve.

I thought I’d answer a bunch of questions people had about the incident. Many have asked what happened before that moment to make me say those horrible things about such a lovely news network. (Isn’t it sad that when someone speaks the truth on TV, we all ask “What caused it???”) Well, nothing really happened in the interview – A right-wing comedian and I told some lame Huckabee jokes. The anchor, hard hitting journalist Clayton Morris, asked the necessary questions while seeming completely unaware that I was a fellow human being, and that was about it. But in a broader sense, what “happened” to make me call Fox “News” a “festival of ignorance” was the past twelve years of knowing this festering pile of propaganda coated with drivel and wrapped in the American flag has been spewing its poisonous eggs into the brains of average Americans. Now THAT’s desecration of the flag – watching it flap back and forth behind a Fox “news” program.

What happened after they cut to a commercial? Clayton Morris was visibly furious but didn’t say a word. Neither did anyone in the main studio. I got up, took my microphone off, and walked silently back to the greenroom, itching to the get the fuck out of that sixth circle of hell. Back in the greenroom I saw the female co-host, who was wearing her normal business skirt that is only half an inch away from illegal in 23 states. Even though there are three TV’s back there showing nothing but Fox “News” (and we act like water boarding is torture?) she apparently had not watched the segment. She looked at me and said, “GREAT JOB!! We need more humor on the show. It’s all so serious!” She did not get to the natural conclusion of her thought, “Now excuse me. I have to go interview strippers wearing Star Trek outfits designed for three-year-olds.”

I then left the building without speaking to anyone. Following the break, intrepid newshound Clayton Morris pretended on-air as if he had thrown me out of the building…


Lee Camp is a comedian and writer in NYC. He tours clubs and colleges across the country, writes for Huffington Post and 236.com, and does comedic commentary for various television shows (but no longer Fox News).

Posted by Lee Camp, AlterNet at 12:14 PM on February 28, 2008.
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4 Responses to “Lee Camp Shits on Fox”

  1. Christos says:

    good point considering statistics. i think he delivered as much as a comedian on fox news might. NPR is great, i play closei read ap from time to time. lets hope the rest of the world can clearly differentiate fox’s biased reports.

  2. Diogenes says:

    “Yes, Camp was rude. And that’s ok.”

    Lets start by getting the straw gorilla out of the room! I wasn’t making a claim that being rude wasn’t ok, in respect of free speech, my point was that Mr. Camp went to great lengths and some serious obfuscations to make the outburst, in his explanation, appear more profound than mere rudeness to a network to which he clearly disagrees. I would be more inclined to laud his efforts if he had simply been honest.

    About the nature of this disagreement much could easily be debated. The only serious bit of information that he came up with was a statistic about deaths in Iraq. One million was his figure. There are a number of significant studies attempting to ascertain the correct number of deaths, yet there is wide variability in what they are trying to measure. The Iraq Body Count group with a top figure, currently, under 90,000 uses confirmed reported deaths from media sources and morgues. The 30,000 number once use by President Bush in 2005 which actually closely tracked the Iraq Body Counts numbers, at that time, and was widely reported by almost all of the mass media. This is the figure that some how Fox New is to blame for? As late as January 2008 Fox reported on this study of 90,000 and on another with a number of 151,000 and the John Hopkins figure of 655,000. The one million figure, said by Camp, seems to come from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad study. That study used cluster samples of 1800 plus households to determine “excess” deaths since the liberation as compared to some period before the liberation. Note that this group is not trying to determine who was responsible for these “excess” deaths. In fact it makes a statistical prediction based on interviews and then breaks the deaths down by type of violence. Their study reported that 31% of the households reported that the deaths were the result of coalition forces or airstrikes. That leaves 69% reporting some other factor beside the liberation forces. Also the 31% is word of mouth, and while I have no doubt that the families believe it and some portion of the families are correct about the cause, a statistical study of this nature can not determine that truth. It then must become an interpretation, and all interpretation is based on bias, so what happens to a truth based on a statistical study that can’t actually provide a truth other than a number? A truth is manufactured to serve ones ideology and a statistical study becomes mere prop. That is what Mr. Camp did he used a number as a prop, a prop which he then defends and inaccurately claims Fox doesn’t report.

    So was Mr. Camp correct does Fox New not report about the various casuality studies in Iraq? http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2008Jan09/0,4670,IraqiDeathToll,00.html
    It would appear that even that bit is not true.

    “Was it your opinion he wasted that air space?”

    That can only be judged from a rational look at what he actually did and what he said it all meant when aggrandizing it after the fact. If I were to apply Occam’s Razor to the reality of the event on television and Mr. Camps written explanation, the explanations spin out suspect multiplicities by the score.

    “Do you watch fox news?”

    Yes, I quite like the Special Report with Brit Hume, but then I am a great fan of All Things Considered on NPR, and the News Hour on PBS, ect ect. I prefer these because one is never unclear about their bias or world view.

  3. Christos says:

    Yes, Camp was rude. And that’s ok.
    While pushing his career a little, and being excommunicated by fox he leaves a few hundred thousand dorks to chat it up.

    None of us want to be the average American, then again we sit back while digesting and adhering to socio politically accepted hypocrisy we all swore we’d never take part in as the acceptability rate increases. These are the poisonous eggs to which not even mister camp is immune to. I’m guessing his ideology comes in part from what a lot of people witness before attempting to take life less seriously, before desiring ignorance over new found pain. Sometimes it is better to laugh then to keep crying when you watch a nation delve into darkness by the reins of propaganda. Badinaging it up makes an individual feel less at fault, more free, and allows me personally the will to carry on not feeling like a slave to a counter-informative news crew driven by the limited political views of choice elitists with unlimited resources and amnesty for accountability to the people they pray on inform. While I might become a slave as long as a subtle suave reporter can shovel shit every now an then until it becomes popular belief, I preserve the right against the abolishers of truths for now.

    Maybe Camp’s sense of humor is different from ours, but I’m sure he hasn’t spoken entirely for me or you. Was it your opinion he wasted that air space? I’m sure he could have said something else, he shot his load and it happened to be premature but nonetheless, it got on Fox’s face and all Clayton Morris could stammer out was “you get all the news you can, you get all the news you can, on fox news”, he seemed more stiff and embarrassed than Camp who seemed collected enough to say this into a camera and in front of the cast and Fox News viewers. Calling it a festival of ignorance was enough, the fresh air and children hugging was a bonus. Forever more when I see Fox News on a television I will hug and child, and then go outside, in remembrance of free speech and all that I hold dear.

    If i dissect and dismiss Lee Camp while continuing to watch Fox News I feel wrong, I feel like they get off easy. Do you watch fox news? When I catch it often feels like a festival of ignorance. The man took the words from my mouth… and I laughed (he’s good). Maybe if he was less insolent, more subordinate, an average American might not have this discussion. Maybe if we were more average, more receptive of fox news we wouldn’t even have to. That would be nice.

    diogenes, that’s a philosopher. are you greek? ti kanis kala?

  4. Diogenes says:

    There are certain spectacles that are best reserved for those times in life when one is caught unaware, as in sudden road accidents or, in this case, when a brash young comedian attempts to turn petulance into profundity.

    In this case the profundity we are to entertain is “truth”, and lest I appear to be reading Mr. Camp incorrectly let’s use his own words; “Isn’t it sad that when someone speaks the truth on TV, we all ask “What caused it???”. One is left to wonder what “truth” Mr. Camp can be referring to here? Again Mr. Camp provides an answer “the past twelve years of knowing…” followed by such scintillating facts as drivel coated propaganda wrapped in an American flag and placing poisonous eggs in “average” American minds!. How one knows what poisonous eggs enter or are retained by an American mind would, its seems to me, be something rather difficult to ascertain. Generally our “knowing” is limited to the “poisonous eggs” that get into our own minds.

    If we are to take Mr. Camp’s implicit argument at face value we are lead to some important deductions. 1) That Lee Camp must watch a lot of Fox News. 2) That Lee Camp is immune to the affects of the “poisonous eggs” that Fox New spewed into his brain. 3) That the reason for this immunity is, ….well…., that can be found in Mr. Camp’s use of the term “average American”, that Lee Camp must not be an “average” American!

    But then who is???

    The explanation that Mr. Camp uses to justify his behavior plays out like a bad version of some super hero battling a criminal intent on bending the minds of average people to his will, using a mind control device connected to the mass media…oh wait, that’s almost the the plot from “Batman Forever”! Which, I suppose, puts Fox New in the role of the Riddler! Oh my!

    The perennial problem one faces with all comedians is when to take them seriously. Was Mr. Camp being serious on Fox News? He certainly wasn’t up until he had his little outburst. After all, other than calling the news operation of the morning show a “festival of ignorance” and the bleating out a fanciful Iraqi death toll, he merely advises people to walk outside and hug their children, presumably, something the ‘average American” wasn’t doing enough of until Mr. Camp commandeered the mind control devices of Fox News. If you think about this it is quite a pity, since, Mr. Camp seems to have wasted the one opportunity he will ever get to really get some good done! He had direct access to the “average American” mind and could have deposited whatever efficacious egg he saw fit and the best he could come up with was some fresh air and hugs. I think I saw that recommendation in an old Readers Digest my grandmother had and while I enjoy both fresh air and hugs I don’t find them a panacea for anything.

    But then Mr. Camp really isn’t interesting in doing good, if you read is small autobiography at LeeCamp.net, which is actually a redirect to News Corp’s Myspace site, can you say irony, you will find his philosophy on the subject in a nut shell; “Somewhere around age 23, while doing comedy, I realized our world is a mess. I find the best way to come to terms with just how f*cked things are is to make people laugh at it.”

    I think I preferred fresh air and hugs. But, seriously, what are we to make of this statement? Is the world actually more of a mess now than in some previous era? Are we all living in an age that is more fucked up than say the first half of the 20th Century, just to pick one? One presumes that had Mr. Camp been alive for WWI, the Depression, WWII and all of the Cold War that making people laugh would have allowed them to come to terms with these trivialities instead of doing something about them. How nice! But aren’t we all glad those people just didn’t come to terms with these things while enjoying a good chuckle, but actually did something about them?

    I think I will go out on a limb and simply state that Mr. Camp wasn’t really doing any of the things he says he was, or doing them for the justifications he has described. I think Mr. Camp was just being rude, and that he knew he was being rude as read in his uncharacteristically stiff and embarrassed body language and his inability to really speak the truth or any part of an actual truth. I think it would be simpler to just come out and say I wanted to be rude on Fox News because its an inconvenient outlet opposed to my ideology and what I think people really ought to believe. At least that would have been honest if not really amusing!