Last week, I planted a homing device in your mother’s skull.

So eh. Shots from THC + the Bankle will be up after i have a smoke and take a shower. Have you seen the shots from grimindustries? josh has been killin it, by far my better half. should be up and ready to kill in the next two weeks.

So last week me and my sister went tree shopping. “Did you bring gloves?” she says…. “No” i says. She did. Seriously cute. I had a tree on the roof of my car, it was great. We had a real good time, I had to work that evening and she managed to set the tree up in the base and string on the lights as my mother’s plane came in from florida that evening.

Me and Jeff spent the last week crashing Kate’s. Peanut is a rambunctious little kitty. Fifth elements was tight last week, D tore it up with the Bobby Caldwell on the spot. It was such a pleasure to see my lynns and fizz not puking .^_*. i had a good time.


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