Kwame’s Party at the Manoogian Mansion and the murder of Tamara Greene

Kilpatrick’s first controversy started as rumors of a wild party in the fall of 2002 involving strippers at the the official residence of the mayor—the city-owned Manoogian Mansion. It is alleged by former members of the mayor’s Executive Protection Unit that the mayor’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, came home unexpectedly and upon discovering Kwame with the strippers began to attack one of the women.[8] Allegations began to surface after Officer Harold C. Nelthrope contacted the internal affairs unit of the Detroit Police in April 2003 to have them investigate abuses by the mayor’s Executive Protection Unit (EPU). Mayor Kilpatrick called a press conference, where he denied all allegations and rumors of any misconduct by him or his security team. He went on to state that he does not have ‘lewd parties’ and “I don’t whore around on my wife” and “I want people to understand that I would never disrespect my God, my wife or my children”.[9][10] Nelthrope and Gary A. Brown, head of the Detroit Police Department’s internal affairs unit allege that they were fired by the administration in retaliation for investigating the mayor’s misconduct. An investigation by the attorney general Mike Cox and the State Police found no evidence that the party actually happened.[8]Nelthrope and Brown sued the city in what came to be known as the Whistleblower Trial and won a $9 million dollar settlement after the trial.

Additionally, two other officers of the Detroit Police Department, Walt Harris and Alvin Bowman claimed they were retaliated against for their involvement in investigations that would highlight the mayor’s misconduct. Harris, was a former member of the EPU, who was identified by the administration as cooperating with the state’s investigation of the mayor and subsequently suffered a smear campaign in the media by the Kilpatrick administration.[8] Bowman was transfered out of the homicide unit after investigating the murder of Tamara Greene[8][11][12] Greene, was a a 27-year-old stripper that went by the name “Strawberry” and who claimed to have performed at the Manoogian Mansion party. While sitting in her car, Greene was shot more than a dozen times with the same exact type of .40 caliber firearm and bullets that were issued to Detroit police officers. She was murdered on April 30, 2003 at around 3:00 AM.[13] Her murder came after a first attempt on her life failed. This lead to the theory that this was a “deliberate hit” by a member of the Detroit Police Department.[13] A theory that Bowman would investigate and what he alleges was the reason that he was taken off of the case and transfered out of homicide. Tamara Greene’s family believes her murder was a deliberate attack to keep her from talking to officers who were investigating the rumored party at the Manoogian. The Greene family is currently suing the city for $150 million dollars.[13]

On February 11, 2008 The Detroit Free Press announced that Norman Yatooma, who is a lawyer representing Tamara Greene’s 14 year old son, has subpoenaed SkyTel inc for text messages surrounding the death of Ms. Greene. He is also asking for the GPS positions of key city employees at the time of Ms. Greene’s murder. [14]


 [via Detroit Free Press]

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