Kwame Kilpatrick, Public Broadcasting and Statements

During a broadcast from his family’s church on January 30th, 2008, Kilpatrick said that he apologized to the city and to his supporters in the city. He also said that he was apologizing to his family, his three sons and his wife Carlita, who also spoke after Kilpatrick. The First Lady of Detroit, Carlita Kilpatrick, said “this private matter is between me, my husband and God.” The mayor said he is in charge of the city and denounced any notion that he would resign. “I would never quit on you ever”, were Kilpatrick’s words. He asked for compassion and privacy, claiming that he has done many things to rejuvenate the city while also stating that he could not comment on the scandal because of the “ongoing legal issues” involving possible perjury charges.On the way into the church before making the speech, Kilpatrick was photographed shoving reporter Steve Wilson out of his way. Wilson was shoved after the asking Kilpatrick “who Carmen Slowski was”. Kilpatrick also swung his hand up in a dismissive motion toward reporters and hit the camera of photographer Mandi Wright striking her in the face. Wright’s supervisor, Detroit Free Press Executive Editor Caesar Andrews, said: “This is totally unwarranted. Our employee was going about the business of doing her job in a professional way. Even with all the tensions that are obvious, there’s no way our photographer should be treated this way.”In an interview on WRIF radio, Steve Wilson also claimed that the Kilpatrick’s security team pushed Wilson into the back of an SUV and kneed him in the crotch and told him to “Chill out”.In an effort to shield Kilpatrick from any undesirable questions from the media, all reporters have been banned from the grounds of the city-county building in downtown Detroit. In a move that is being called “blatantly unconstitutional,” reporters no longer have access to the parking lot or the entrance where officials come and go and may no longer conduct random interviews.In an effort to reinforce to the people of metro Detroit that Kilpatrick has no plans of resigning, he went on WMXD’s Frankie Darcell radio show and said that:”God assigned me to run Detroit and I’ve been disobedient”Darcell is a friend of Kwame’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick. This broadcast was aired live on the same day when the court was going to release some documents exposing a secret deal that Kilpatrick and Beatty made in the whistle blower trial to hide their sexual relationship. The cost to the city for the settlement and trial was around $9 million.

[via Detroit Free Press]

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