iThirst For Knowledge

Not much has been advertised about iTunes U but Apple Inc has been testing iTunes U in several USA Universities for the past few years. Recently, iTunes U comes with limited access for all.

In a nutshell, iTunes U leverages Apple’s podcasting technology to bring a professors podcast right onto your Mac/PC via ITunes. iTunes U podcasts are audio and in some cases video podcasting. Apple aren’t the first people to video cast a curriculum, but with iTunes i’m guessing they’re the first to bring it to a mainstream. Now that is revolutionizing the way we learn.

Pilot programmes starting with Standford University have expanded to include other prominent institutions of learning in USA, Arizona State University, Bowdoin College, Concordia Seminary, Duke, Michigan Tech University, MIT, NJIT, Otis College of Arts and Design, Pennsylvania State University, Queens University, Seattle Pacific University, Texas A & M, UC Berkeley, UMBC and University of South Florida.

want to attend a renowned institution, from the comfort of your living space? Download the podcasts, sync with your iPod and you have your professor in your palm.

iTunes U. Click. Sync. Learn. Download on iTunes.

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