I actually work + Slow Motion City – Tom Valko. Happy Birthday Dave.

So I haven’t been posting because I’ve been out of commission. If you know me you understand, and for those who don’t you better ask somebody and quit blowing my shit up. Yesterday, Wayne State writer Matthew Gully planted an article on detroitexposure for the The South End detailing mayor Ken Cockrel’s presence at our upcoming party this Saturday. He did end up using Laurie Tennent’s photo . In other news….


Our new press photo was shot by wedding photographer Laurie Tennent

At Cass Cafe this afternoon executing some much needed edit to detroitexposure.com, so you’ll notice the site will be down till tomorrow morning.

That’s me right now. Have been utilizing Coda more since watching Jesse work with it a few months back. I really love their ftp client Transmit, few things it lacks… live preview isn’t is cool as Cyberduck‘s. Shame Cyberduck can’t intermingle with Coda’s locations and other ftp info.

While here, I run into Tom Valko, who shows me his ill win glass perspective shot of the city scape with fx courtesy of cough medicine;.

[Slow Motion City] from [Tom Valko]
Tom Valko

I would also like to take this moment to wish congratulate David Blunk II on turning 25 over the weekend. I was working so I didnt get to bash with yall but I’m proud to say I did grab you a nifty present, so we’ll have to get together soon.

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