Hammock – Kenotic [album download]


I was unloading some handpicked artists onto a friend’s machine earlier today and realize that i had been neglecting an old friend. Hammock is a two-member (Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson) post-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. I initially received these files from my good friend Whisper a few years back, who she apparently received from our friend Jesse, so i want to thank you both for the peace you granted me through this music. Me and Whisper used to lay in bed or sit in the bath listening to this album on repeat, sometimes every night for weeks straight. If you need to unwind, hang out with whisper, or if you cant do that, listen to Hammock. Hammock combines live instrumentation, electronic beats, and droning guitar into atmospheric dreamscapes as i call them. Similar in style to the work of Boards of Canada, Explosions in the Sky, Steve Roach, Harlod Budd, Sigür Ros, and Stars of the Lid. I hope you enjoy this as much as i swoon over it. Whisper if you’re reading this, i love you and i still wear the tie you bought me.

Pretty soon i’ll upload a sleepy time torrent consisting of all my favorite dreamscape tracks. will be called:”Arms of Morpheus, Land of Nod”, keep a look out on piratebay or demonoid, will also be posted here.

Listen: Track 2 off of Kenotic (2005)

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Download: [Kenotic.zip | 74.5 mb]

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  1. whispasmith says:

    I saw someone the other day, same set of eyes, but only for a moment, but curiousity kills this cat everytime, ya know. So I followed this poor unsuspecting fool around the market, placed my oh-so-positive-that-it-was-you hand on his shoulder and he turned around to find a face that reeked of let down. It wasn’t you, but I hadn’t seen you in such a long time, and I have a friend, Lennon, who reminds me of you when he laughs, so I tend to have small glimpses of a time when baths and naps and talks of our dreams were of the norm. I don’t know if our paths will ever cross again, I don’t like to force things, I feel like as people we force so much that we forget what natural even feels like. That is how I always explained us, was natural, even though there was so much around me that told me it wasn’t, the voices that be were the ones who were so used to the force situations that they themselves could not wrap their minds around something much more simple and relaxed as that. Hmmm. 🙂