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 In celebration of the album “Seventh Tree”, here is the Goldfrapp discography. Since i first saw her photo, I found Alison Goldfrapp enchanting, her eyes, her perfectly preserved style and and the production of her tracks make her a true siren in the land of music. Her influences are some of my favs such as T.Rex and Iggy Pop. She has the untouchable Bjorkish air about her (and her age is a mystery), while and the music is pulsating unthrottled mastery of electrosex that keeps you very involved. Seventh Tree is  progressive album that delivers slow and steady and shows off Alison’s many faces.Goldfrapp is British electronica known for their visual theatrics and popularization of electronic dance music. Group was formed in 1999 in London and consists of Alison Goldfrapp (vox/synth) and Will Gregory (synth) who throughout the 80’s and 90’s performed with Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Portishead and The Cure. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to see them perform live someday.

Here was the sound and vision of Art-Pop-Now; the crack of Marlene Dietrich’s stiletto on Donna Summer’s back, a thundering, sweat-lashed, discotronic soundscape which spawned remix requests from both Franz Ferdinand and Marilyn Manson….As an English duo who write and produce everything together, the new album, ‘Supernature’ is the sound of Goldfrapp breaking through their own crash barrier, a strident, psychedelic, 100% uncompromising creative force at the top of their very own game. 

…”We create our own, personalized environment,” says Alison Goldfrapp, “and it’s more how bands or duos used to do it in the 70s or 80s, your own music, art directing your own sleeves, wearing your own clothes, which is unique compared to a lot of bands

….”There’s always been animals in there because I’m interested in nature and mythology,” says Alison, “they’re great metaphors for human emotions and ideas and have an unexplainable sensuality which is really attractive and mysterious.”…Again they have created a landscape all their own – breathe in deeply and let it fill you with colours, huge washes of electronics, machines that grow thorns and petals, passion blooming on a diet of synths and strings

….From the off, ‘Supernature’ is a colossal, multi-layered, sonic-pop thriller, a radical, confident, bold record, like a Roxy or Revolver for the twenty-first century: the acid-tinged, bewitchingly-sung ‘ U Never Know’, the irresistible, catch-all throb of ‘Lovely To See You’, the roaring Numanoid synths of ‘Koko Nights’ the woozy, orchestral dreamscape of ‘Time Out From The World’, the perverted robotics of ‘Slide In’ and the gorgeous, beguiling ‘Let It Take You’.  


 …” I really enjoy the freedom of having other people on stage,” decides Alison, “but I always found it slightly frustrating not being able to see the tit tassling, as it was happening behind me ….”We can’t wait for the new record to come out now,” says Alison, “because this time there’s so much more.           

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Fly Me Away

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Ride A White Horse

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Here I’ve gathered wikipedia references for the albums included in the download.

Seventh Tree [US release – Feb. 26th 2008]

We are Glitter [2006]

Supernature [2005]

Black Cherry [2003]

Utopia (Genetically Enriched) [2001]

Felt Mountain [2000]

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Links: | Goldfrapp on Myspace | Goldfrapp Wiki 

Bonus: Dreadzone [1993]

Albums by Dreadzone:


Biological Radio (192kb)

Sound (192kb)

Second Light (192kb)

I had my girl in mind when posting this, Sarah I hope you enjoy the albums. <3 If anyone has trouble downloading, comment and i'll repair the links in good time.

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