Girl Talk, Krak Attack, & Deathset @ The Crofoot Ballroom (11.11.08). 372 shot set.

Those of you that called the next day, please call back i kind of smashed my phone and if you didn’t leave your number in my voicemail i don’t have it, that includes the person who works for google + all models. Josh & Liz, this evening wouldn’t have been near as celebratory without you, i love you both. Also Angela & company, really balanced out the pontiac fuglies + your hot pants really made the party. I cannot wait to see your design for our head sex shoot. Joe & Channing, you’re a very fun couple, pleasure meeting you both. Jessica & Greg, i’ll upload the raws to a drop box and mail you the password a few hours after this is posted.

So some of our slower readers don’t realize that the photo posts are links to a larger gallery, pay attention to when your cursor changes into Mario’s glove and maybe you wont have that problem. Please people, if you have a question concerning the photos in the gallery, i would rather you leave it as a comment than send me an email, i have enough as it is.

One more things, if the gallery doesnt load at first, or it can’t find the pontiac folder or whatever, give it a few, a lot is going up this morning.
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