fri, chi, mia, ana

we stayed at the hyatt this week, i dont know what jena and aimee said to the concierge, but they gave us the top floor next to the conference suite and the view was pretty tight, not to mention we ate for free cause they keep the conference suite stocked. did some clubbing. happy birthday jillian. got drunk ended up at some kind of a drag queen rave, with bongos. stumbled to a taxi, ended up at the wrong hyatt hotel, peed on some pedestrians. overall alright tuesday night. paul rodrigeuz, if you’re reading this, your friends at the green dolphin were very hospitable, sorry we missed each other.

weekend affairs


before the weekend:

mia made the fox smile… kinda. it’s true, the most beautiful people in the US come from detroit.

and technically it’s friday over herr, so here’s your independent film friday.

music by Andrea Martignoni
produced by Mercurio Film
assistant: Sibe

i’m crashing an employer’s house tonight, they got this fat ass cat that’s so starved for attention, it reminds me of an ex.


ana you’re good people. scott, thank you for the wine. here’s some sexy for your high class ass.

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