It’s been a rough last couple weeks. Everything seems to be getting better and worse at the exact same time. We have an “almost” completed site up for, with some wrinkles to iron out, but soon, it’ll be running smoothly. We’ve also received our new cards..maybe you got one?! They turned out rather well. Be sure to check the dark side under the light, and you’ll find our little “hologramish” thing.

So those are the good things thus far. Now, here is the part where we beg for your patience and understanding,

This weekend was a very poor weekend for us. Josh’s camera is having a sensor malfunction, resulting in a complete pixel line of data missing from all the images. Yes, it’s a rather simple fix the images on the computer, but imagine having to do that for… hundreds of photographs. Unfortunately our schedule is heavy for the next few weeks, therefore, he can’t send it out for repair for a while. Needless to say, that will add some delay in turn over time on our photographs until things let up, and he can be without his camera for a couple weeks.

Just last night, Christos had his automobile broken into and has laptop stolen from the back. Having the newest/fastest laptop out of the 3 of us, we used his computer to process and database nearly every photo for detroitexposure, detroitarist and even some GrimIndustries stuff. We are mildly intelligent people, and store our files externally, but nonetheless, the laptop was the workhorse for this entire operation. So this also will be slowing us down for a while. If you see ANYONE running around with a macbook pro, with a bug sticker in the apple, that isn’t one of us, please, try and gather some information on that person, but don’t be a hero. We don’t want anyone hurt over this. We will be taking donations to get Christos a new laptop, so IF you enjoy our work and you like what we do, please help us out, even a dollar would help tremendously. Just stay tuned in for a paypal address.

-Love the DE Boys.

One Response to “DETROITEXPOSURE.COM ::update::”

  1. snakedog12 says:

    holy mutha fuck love! I can’t even believe someone stole your computa again! wtf is wrong with people!!!

    BUY YOUR OWN SHIT. jesus.

    Well considering all you’ve done for me…the least I can do is offer you my computer until you raise enough money to buy a new one. Holla at me if you want it. its not a macbook pro but its a macbook…somethings better then nothing and we have two computers at home I can use if I need to. ohhh maaaan. I feel so bad for you!