Deaf Performance Arts Network (D-PAN) Pictures [09.19.09]


[Enter 09.19.09 Gallery]

D-PAN, The Deaf Performing Artists Network, is a national nonprofit organization founded by Sean Forbes and Joel Martin. D-PAN creates music videos featuring deaf and hard-of-hearing performers. Their first video for “Where’d You Go” by Fort Mionr, featuring Sean Forbes and Rosina Switras has made a huge impact on YouTube. The 2nd video for D-PAN featured Deaf performers from all over the United States signing to John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” which was met with praise from the deaf community.

I had an amazing time, it was a sincere pleasure to meet Joel Martin and Sean Forbes in the flesh. Howling Diablos were sweet as always. Thanks for the invite Lisa .’_’.

other D-Pan videos:
[Sean Forbes recreates “where’d you go” by For Minor]
[John Mayer – Wating On The World To Change]

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sorry about that…
couldt get to them sooner cause it wasnt a paid gig. had it been i wouldnt have been drunk upon arrival. so thanks for bearing with me.

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