Cuil is hereeee.

Everyone has been up in arms lately about the new search engine that was launched today by a former Google engineer. They call it “cuil” (pronounced cool) and well I am sorry to say, on initial reviews (both my own and others) it’s not so cool. Cuil claims to index over a 100 billion web pages (three times that of google), which is great…if the results matched or found what you were searching for. I tried many terms and keywords today and very few times, anything of relevance came up. It’s lacking in media specific searches, like video and photos, and seems to spew out junk more than anything. I mean there is obviously a bias for the computer savvy population. They have been spoiled by the quick and easy to use search engines like Google. Google does bring up lots of junk sometimes, but you can usually find something of use…No such luck for Cuil.


All and all it seems like Cuil could become something good, maybe even great, but at this point, It doesn’t look they are going to be attracting many Google users… 



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