Kwame Kilpatrick – Red Lincoln Navigator

For the sake of documentation, this a referenceable article concerning the former mayor of Detroit, Original article came from the Detroit Free Press, May 8th, 2005   In 2005, WXYZ-TV reporter Steve Wilson reported that the city had entered an expensive one year lease for a luxury SUV. It was to be used to chauffeur the mayor’s family. The […]

Kwame Kilpatric – Civic Fund Controversy

On May 8, 2007, WXYZ reported that Kilpatrick used $8,600 from his secret Kilpatrick Civic Fund to take his wife, three sons and babysitter on a week long vacation to a five-star California resort, the La Costa Resort and Spa.[18] The fund, controlled by Kilpatrick’s sister and friends, was created to improve the city of Detroit […]