Demonoid Back Online

A message posted on the Demonoid frontpage confirms that Deimos, the former administrator, left the Demonoid staff. The site seems to be working properly, as does the tracker, but there could be some downtime in the next few days. All the people who had an account at the time the site shut down can still […]



aXXo came up with this release of Juno by group Larceny. Reason for the nuke is: [Larceny.are.newbz]. Anyway, this version is spread on 4 CDs and the quality is great, with 2,822k video bitrate and AC3 sound. Also, this version includes scenes that were omitted from the retail version, such as a threesome involving Juno, […]

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company – Remastered DVD

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company - Remastered DVD

Tonight at the Detroit Beer Company Directly Downtown Detroit on Broadway, one block away from Bleu / Oslo Strip. Explosive surround sound by: DJ BILL POWERSOUND. Cinema screen & setup by: DSEFX Visual projections by: KERO LOGISTICS. Lighting & atmophere by: DSEFX & DBC. 16 oz Beer Specilties for $4. Includes the following DBC microbrews. […]

Pirate Bay to Hollywood: Open your Own Torrent Site

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij from The Pirate Bay recently did a video interview which resulted in some great quotes. One such quote comes from Fredrik, he suggests that the movie and music industry should set up their own torrent site, and monetize it through advertisements. “We would be out of business.” he added. Dayrobber, […]

NIN – Ghosts I (2008), torrent

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor understands where the industry is going. The new music industry is all about flexibility and options. The Nails’ new four-volume instrumental album, Ghosts I-IV, was released Sunday night in digital form, and it was a bit of a sneak attack. The media just caught on to it late yesterday. Last […]

The Avalanches

The Avalanches

Although I’ve been a fan since hearing them on a winamp cast about 5 years ago, I had never scene the video for frontier psychiatrist, all I can say I swell, almost as swell as the video for Since I Left You. A music group from Melbourne, Australia, best known for their live DJ sets […]

History Channel – Life After People

I was over at one of my favorite blogs, and got reminded of a history channel original I watched not to long ago. Life After People explores the tantalizing question of whether all the remnants of mankind will eventually disappear from our planet. What would happen to the earth if humans ceased to exist? […]

Persepolis 2007 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT

I just downloaded this, haven’t had the time opportunity to watch yet. It’s a french animated drama/comedy with rather high ratings from critics and fans as well. The movie holds awesome 8.2 points at IMDB and 94% at RT. The release contains English subtitles and some scenes are also English so you shouldn’t have problems […]

FCC Hearing: Comcast Uses Hacker Techniques

Today is an important day for network neutrality, as the FCC’s Broadband Network management hearing has been discussing Comcast’s attempt to slow down BitTorrent traffic. One of the panelists said Comcast uses “hacker techniques” to manage their network. When we first reported that Comcast was actively disconnecting BitTorrent seeds, we never expected that it would […]

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

From one free human to another. Should one fear terrorism.. or a police state? We would like to restore democracy, but we’re afraid to face the state that we allowed ourselves to cook in. Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, has written of “End of America”, which I haven’t put a dent in yet, […]

The Machinist [2004] DVDRip XviD-FB – 720p HDDVD x264

A long time favorite of my own, the Machinist pulls out all the stops and make you feel the delirium of the main character. Mr. Bale’s dedication to his movie roles are unsurpassed. He has gone down from 180 pounds to 120 pounds for his part in this 2004 film, before gaining it all back […]

RIAA says your sister sells rock

I just uploaded this video today, so I wont be surprised if some powers that be take it down before too long. If so I’ll find something besides youtube. look at that fat fucker. This is a leaked official RIAA training video produced with the National District Attorneys Association telling U.S. prosecutors why they should […]

Across The Universe DVDRip XviD-iMBT – Torrent

Well-known Musical “Across The Universe” which has appeared before in DVDSCR is now available in DVDRip quality thanks to group iMBT. This is a creative film that is not without its share of flaws but none-the-less worth a watch. Synopsis: The Beatles’ songs may have provided the soundtrack for the lives of those coming of […]

The Pirate Bay Facing Lawsuit Next week

The Pirate Bay Facing Lawsuit Next week

Here is a translation I made of part of a Swedish article that can be found here. After a lengthy 20 month long investigation the time has come for the lawsuit to be filed against the men behind the biggest Bittorrent-tracker in the world, The Pirate Bay. The coming week prosecutor Håkan Roswall at the […]

Cloverfield TS XViD-OBSESSiON – Torrent

Aparently this movie has been big shit, and i got some requests to make this post. The group OBSESSiON comes out of the underground to quickly release the first scene version of the highly anticipated Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet, so i can’t tell you whether or not it’s that great. The Release is […]

MPAA officially admits mistakes in piracy study

Hollywood laid much of the blame for illegal movie downloading on college students. Now, it says its math was wrong. In a 2005 study it commissioned, the Motion Picture Association of America claimed that 44 percent of the industry’s domestic losses came from illegal downloading of movies by college students, who often have access to […]

The Golden Compass 2007 DVDScr xVID-LRC – Torrent

Ok, finally some chaps from LRC bring us a very nice release for friday’s evening: a dvdscreener of The Golden Compass. Although this movie didn’t meet its expectations, it’s still a nice family flick to watch and this screener means a great progress in quality since the last CAM i posted. The quality is perfect […]

Lust Caution [2007] Unrated LiMiTED DVDRiP XViD-HLS – Torrent

 Lust Caution [2007] Unrated LiMiTED DVDRiP XViD-HLS - Torrent

For those of you who are fans of foreign films, this is a real treat. HLS has brought you the unrated version of Oscar winner Ang Lee’s new film. With good ratings all around, this is sure to be a decent watch. Seeing as the run-time is 158 minutes, HLS definitely did a hot job […]

Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street DVDSCR XViD-PUKKA – Movie Torrent

Highly anticipated musical thriller ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ has made its way here in DVDSCR quality! props to group PUKKA for providing one of the best releases of 2008. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and even Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat…) star in this film which is nominated for 3 […]

Goldfrapp – Discography torrent

Goldfrapp - Discography torrent

    In celebration of the album “Seventh Tree”, here is the Goldfrapp discography. Since i first saw her photo, I found Alison Goldfrapp enchanting, her eyes, her perfectly preserved style and and the production of her tracks make her a true siren in the land of music. Her influences are some of my favs such as T.Rex and […]

if you’re tired. be quiet and go to sleep.

Torrent 1: Adobe CS3 Design Premium OSX [w/cracks]This is the full, final release of Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium for Mac OS X. Included is a disc image of the DVD installer and a zipped file with the kracks for each application. Disc Image MD5 Checksum: $0394CFCDDD59E16CC3AF608A54016600. This is the Volume License version, meaning it […]

Big Old Deceitful and expensive phone company

Remember October’s news of Comcast throttling Bit Torrent traffic? The debacle not only created a firestorm of bad press for the nation’s largest cable provider but also re-ignited the nationwide debate about Net Neutrality. We had numerous signs that Comcast was inhibiting our use of this legal and legitimate file transfer protocol, but to have […]

1986 Double Feature Tribute – The Labyrinth [1986] & Floght of The Navigator [1986]

Double Feature Tribute in celebration of 1986, a year from which many great successes were forge. These feel good classics represent a time before the rout of love, where music penetrated the heart, and no one smoked crack. Have a movie night. Labyrinth [1986] 15-year-old Sarah (Jen Connelly) accidentally wishes her baby half-brother, Toby, away […]

Pan’s Labyrinth – Movie, Torrent

I understand this isn’t exaclty a fresh release, but this week I’m in the spirit of charing my loves, shit the film already reached IMDB’s top 250 in the #89 place with a 8.5! The movie is spanish spoken with english subtitles. It’s also known as “Laberinto del Fauno, El”. A review of this torrent […]