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TinyShark – Android Apps on Google Play


Well I’ve been using this everyday for a long time now, and it hasn’t disappointed me. If you’re acustomed to, then you know how great it is to have all that free music on demand legally. This is the third-party free version for your mobile. TinyShark – Android Apps on Google Play.

The Jungle Book (1967), torrent

09 Feb 2009 / in Blog, Culture, Movies, Posts, Reviews, The Arts

This shit is timeless. Me and Catalina rented all the Disney films last week and we’ve been singing Bear Necessities ever since, me singing the part of Balue, and her being Mowgli… naturally. I try to avoid Disney sequels, especially those with a thirty year gap, I’m afraid its gonna muck up all that I […]

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection MAC OSX, torrent

About five days ago pirated releases started dropping for osx right after Windows users got theirs. I’ve scoured the web for the most stable pirated releases and brought them here. There’s the master collection for osx and pc available here, as well as something called the megapack, which i did not download because its 25 […]

Santosgold 2008 releases (including A Diplo Dub & Stiffed 2005)

I was wrong in back in oh five when i called Santi White of Stiffed “black NoDoubt”, lol kind of. Though both later leaving there punk bands to exercised their solo career, Gwen Stefani does not have a double-major in Music and African-American studies. Santi White has proven herself through her unique stylings and won […]

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay UNRATED DVDRip

28 Sep 2008 / in Blog, Humor, Movies, Posts, Reviews, The Arts, Torrent, Video

If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll be happy to hear the only difference is the removal of the white castle schtick. Wait, i just realized that made the movie worse. These two actors play off each other so well that it feels as thought there may be a genuine relationship off the set, reinforcing […]

NY Times Section – Girl Talk (photo by Christos Schizas)

::update:: among all else that is the happened, the morning i discovered this went into print, i woke up in jeff bass‘ mansion in west bloomfield. thank you Alicia and Kacy for being so hospitable. That was by far the best showing of Ferris Bueller’s Day Out ever. Sha nana na nana na. and… “there’s […]

Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing, with tiny girls

can’t see the video? [click here] so it’s official, everything is touch and anything less is not touch. so whats left? ah yes, now we must do it with more style, check out the unboxing of the samsung omnia900. i love the sound the horse makes, something about miniature horses being flicked across a room […]

Cuil is hereeee.

28 Jul 2008 / in Media, News, Posts, Reviews, Technology, Web

Everyone has been up in arms lately about the new search engine that was launched today by a former Google engineer. They call it “cuil” (pronounced cool) and well I am sorry to say, on initial reviews (both my own and others) it’s not so cool. Cuil claims to index over a 100 billion web pages (three […]

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