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Police State – How does this make you feel?

Police State - How does this make you feel?

Author: Mojo

Police Can View Email Without Warrant

Police Can View Email Without Warrant

If you value your privacy, you may want to know that your e-mail and other online communication is no longer private. US Police increasingly view private email and instant messages. Yes, law enforcement has to get a wiretap and warrant for “real-time” interception (which can cost thousands of dollars). However, there is no such requirement […]

Ai Weiwei’s New York Project to Go Forward, With or Without Him

Ai Weiwei’s  New York Project to Go Forward, With or Without Him

Can’t see the video? Click here. Ai Weiwei’s surgery in Munich: Ai Weiwei’s surgery in Munich apparently went smoothly – two holes drilled in his head on Tuesday (or Monday evening?) to remove 30 ml of fluid from his skull. He says the pressure in his head has gone and so has the pain. He’d […]

Shyne – That’s Gangsta (2000)

Shyne - That's Gangsta (2000)

can’t see the video? click here. Moshe Levi Ben-David (born Jamal Michael Barrow; November 8, 1976), better known by his stage name Shyne, is a Belizean Orthodox Jewish rapper. I enjoyed this guys story. Maybe you will.

gns dnt kll ppl. AA-12 klz ppl

gns dnt kll ppl. AA-12 klz ppl

can’t see the video? click here Online shopping and came across this beast. I appreciate gas powered guns. I think this is pretty nifty with it’s contained low-recoil. Those heat shells look like they gotta cost a pretty penny though, can’t win em’ all.

Police Say Anti-Piracy Law Makes Catching Criminals Harder

The head of Sweden’s National IT Crime Unit says that following the introduction of IPRED anti-piracy legislation it has become more difficult to track down serious criminals. This unfortunate eventuality is a side-effect of ISPs throwing away logging data to protect the privacy of their customers. While this protects casual file-sharers, it unfortunately protects serious […]

Well, These New Zuckerberg IMs Won’t Help Facebook’s Privacy Problems

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company are suddenly facing a big new round of scrutiny and criticism about their cavalier attitude toward user privacy. An early instant messenger exchange Mark had with a college friend won’t help put these concerns to rest.  According to SAI sources, the following exchange is between a 19-year-old Mark […]

Google joins the titans of Silicon Valley lobbying

Google joins the titans of Silicon Valley lobbying

] With great power comes even greater headaches. Just ask Google. The company’s transition from upstart to Goliath has multiplied its legal and policy problems. There may be no better measure of this phenomenon than Google’s expansion of its lobbying activities on Capitol Hill. In just five years, the search engine giant has gone from […]

Inaugural: “Air and Simple Gifts” by John Williams performed by Yo-Yo Ma

Violinist Itzhak Perlman, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, clarinetist Anthony McGill, pianist Gabriela Montero — offered the premiere of Air and Simple Gifts, composed for the occasion by John Williams (some of you know him better as the composer of the Jurassic Park or Jaws themes). A solid studio recording of the track has yet to be […]

Special Comment on Gay Marriage – Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC speaks to the viewers. November 10, 2008 direct link Whatever mary. But really, you all know how i feel about gay marriage. The same way i feel about straight marriage. Institutionally perverted contract that the meek now want a piece of, while they get fucked in the ass by subsidies. Keith […]

Michael Moore – Slacker Uprising DVDRip DiVX

NOsegmenT brings us Slacker Uprising from Michael Moore. This movie is available for free on the movie’s website (you can find the link below). But you must be in the USA or Canada. If you aren’t you won’t be able to download the movie from the site, which means you’ll have to get this one. […]

Japanese Rape Club.

I knew women’s rights in Japan were on the low end of the stick, but I did not know their most scholarly schools had established “rape clubs”. Shit is out of control. if video does not play do to copyright click here

Demonoid Back Online

A message posted on the Demonoid frontpage confirms that Deimos, the former administrator, left the Demonoid staff. The site seems to be working properly, as does the tracker, but there could be some downtime in the next few days. All the people who had an account at the time the site shut down can still […]

Hillary’s Bosnia Lie

I received a letter from my grandparents today with a photo of barack on a phone. I had to explain it was a photoshopped image of this one. I’m not really a Barack supporter, I’m just anti-Hillary. To show how vile and sick she is, I must devote this morning to a blog post: This […]

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company – Remastered DVD

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company - Remastered DVD

Tonight at the Detroit Beer Company Directly Downtown Detroit on Broadway, one block away from Bleu / Oslo Strip. Explosive surround sound by: DJ BILL POWERSOUND. Cinema screen & setup by: DSEFX Visual projections by: KERO LOGISTICS. Lighting & atmophere by: DSEFX & DBC. 16 oz Beer Specilties for $4. Includes the following DBC microbrews. […]

Pirate Bay to Hollywood: Open your Own Torrent Site

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij from The Pirate Bay recently did a video interview which resulted in some great quotes. One such quote comes from Fredrik, he suggests that the movie and music industry should set up their own torrent site, and monetize it through advertisements. “We would be out of business.” he added. Dayrobber, […]

Lee Camp Shits on Fox

[go here if it doesnt work] Lee Camp explains why he shit on Fox News while live on Fox News. This is a satisfactory moment for every red-blooded America. Lee Camp says it best. As most of you have seen, I ripped into Fox “News” while on a Fox “News” morning show this past Saturday. […]

FCC Hearing: Comcast Uses Hacker Techniques

Today is an important day for network neutrality, as the FCC’s Broadband Network management hearing has been discussing Comcast’s attempt to slow down BitTorrent traffic. One of the panelists said Comcast uses “hacker techniques” to manage their network. When we first reported that Comcast was actively disconnecting BitTorrent seeds, we never expected that it would […]

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

From one free human to another. Should one fear terrorism.. or a police state? We would like to restore democracy, but we’re afraid to face the state that we allowed ourselves to cook in. Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, has written of “End of America”, which I haven’t put a dent in yet, […]

RIAA says your sister sells rock

I just uploaded this video today, so I wont be surprised if some powers that be take it down before too long. If so I’ll find something besides youtube. look at that fat fucker. This is a leaked official RIAA training video produced with the National District Attorneys Association telling U.S. prosecutors why they should […]


more to be said later

Barack Obama Supporters

been working on some political installations. they’ll be in the gallery when finished. c( = until then, repost this. this supporter covers some key points. I later found his reply on youtube, covering some of his emotional standpoints, it’s interesting and encouraging.

NOFX @ the Royal Oak Music Theatre

  NOFX  Thursday, March 6 7:00p at Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI   Punk Legends NOFX will appear at the Royal Oak Music Theatre with The Flatliners and No Use For A Name.  Event Web Site   Royal Oak Music Theatre  318 West Fourth St.Royal Oak, MI 48067(248) 399-2980 Here’s directions. if you’re not familiar with […]

Kwame Kilpatrick – Whistleblower Trial

In August, 2007, Kilpatrick was sued by two ex-members of his bodyguard staff for violation of the Whistleblower Law. It was claimed that he fired them in retaliation for them investigating his personal actions. The trial ended on September 11, 2007, after three hours of jury deliberation in a verdict awarding the plaintiffs $6.5 million in damages. Minutes […]