Lee Camp Shits on Fox

[go here if it doesnt work] Lee Camp explains why he shit on Fox News while live on Fox News. This is a satisfactory moment for every red-blooded America. Lee Camp says it best. As most of you have seen, I ripped into Fox “News” while on a Fox “News” morning show this past Saturday. […]

Persepolis 2007 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT

I just downloaded this, haven’t had the time opportunity to watch yet. It’s a french animated drama/comedy with rather high ratings from critics and fans as well. The movie holds awesome 8.2 points at IMDB and 94% at RT. The release contains English subtitles and some scenes are also English so you shouldn’t have problems […]

FCC Hearing: Comcast Uses Hacker Techniques

Today is an important day for network neutrality, as the FCC’s Broadband Network management hearing has been discussing Comcast’s attempt to slow down BitTorrent traffic. One of the panelists said Comcast uses “hacker techniques” to manage their network. When we first reported that Comcast was actively disconnecting BitTorrent seeds, we never expected that it would […]

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

From one free human to another. Should one fear terrorism.. or a police state? We would like to restore democracy, but we’re afraid to face the state that we allowed ourselves to cook in. Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, has written of “End of America”, which I haven’t put a dent in yet, […]

Barack Obama Supporters

been working on some political installations. they’ll be in the gallery when finished. c( = until then, repost this. this supporter covers some key points. I later found his reply on youtube, covering some of his emotional standpoints, it’s interesting and encouraging.

NOFX @ the Royal Oak Music Theatre

  NOFX  Thursday, March 6 7:00p at Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI   Punk Legends NOFX will appear at the Royal Oak Music Theatre with The Flatliners and No Use For A Name.  Event Web Site   Royal Oak Music Theatre  318 West Fourth St.Royal Oak, MI 48067(248) 399-2980 Here’s directions. if you’re not familiar with […]

Detroit City Council Delays Vote on Kilpatrick Lawsuit Settlement

Detroit City Council Delays Vote on Kilpatrick Lawsuit Settlement

Kwame Kilpatrick stares past a photographer with shame and confusion in his eyes. DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit City Council has put off a vote tohire its own attorney to look into a whistle-blowers’ lawsuitsettlement involving Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press say the council wants to be part of a […]

Kwame’s Party at the Manoogian Mansion and the murder of Tamara Greene

Kilpatrick’s first controversy started as rumors of a wild party in the fall of 2002 involving strippers at the the official residence of the mayor—the city-owned Manoogian Mansion. It is alleged by former members of the mayor’s Executive Protection Unit that the mayor’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, came home unexpectedly and upon discovering Kwame with the strippers […]

Kwame Kilpatrick – Whistleblower Trial

In August, 2007, Kilpatrick was sued by two ex-members of his bodyguard staff for violation of the Whistleblower Law. It was claimed that he fired them in retaliation for them investigating his personal actions. The trial ended on September 11, 2007, after three hours of jury deliberation in a verdict awarding the plaintiffs $6.5 million in damages. Minutes […]

Vote Obama, McCain

If possible, vote out-of-state; if not, vote uncommitted. After seven years of the Bush regime, a long-awaited replacement at the White House and a new vision for America is only 375 days away. Across our country, there is a growing recognition that the Bush administration’s shortsighted approach to policy has further entrenched America in political […]

Kwame Kilpatrick – Red Lincoln Navigator

For the sake of documentation, this a referenceable article concerning the former mayor of Detroit, Original article came from the Detroit Free Press, May 8th, 2005   In 2005, WXYZ-TV reporter Steve Wilson reported that the city had entered an expensive one year lease for a luxury SUV. It was to be used to chauffeur the mayor’s family. The […]

Kwame Kilpatric – Civic Fund Controversy

On May 8, 2007, WXYZ reported that Kilpatrick used $8,600 from his secret Kilpatrick Civic Fund to take his wife, three sons and babysitter on a week long vacation to a five-star California resort, the La Costa Resort and Spa.[18] The fund, controlled by Kilpatrick’s sister and friends, was created to improve the city of Detroit […]