The Incredible Hulk TS XviD-BILLYBIGBOLLOX

Hello everyone. Wonderful weather the last couple of days, been gettin’ myself a tan – LOVELY!! But here comes a review of a new release by unknown group BILLYBIGBOLLOX. Laughin’ my freakin’ ass off at their group name, these people are infact TRADINGSTANDARDS. So guess what?? This release is a nuke definite nuke. Why? Because […]

George Carlin RIP

world got a little bit lonelier.

DEMF 08 shots, Girl Talk Shots

DEMF 08 shots, Girl Talk Shots

[click here] for the remainder of the shots from demf, i didnt really pull out the camera too much, too busy having a good time. click those to get desktop versions, click below to get the rest of the shots and see if you can peep yourself rockin out: [click here] Girl Talk – Red […]

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

thee party for the evening of may 24th, the remainder of you will be unsatisfied. View Larger Map May 24 – Detroit TOO FAR GONE… NO WAY BACK 12 hour party 9pm-1am TOO FAR GONE presented by Dethlab. Tag team DJ set from ADULT., Perspects, Dethlab and Cowboy Mark. DJ set from MOTOR. 1am-9am NO […]

The Bassment Presents May 23rd Demf afterparty: McCarthy’s Pub “Skymall, Heartworm, Xrin Arm..”

Just a reminder, this is going down on friday the 23rd around the same time is demf, will be going until 5am whereas they’re ending demf at like 11pm this year. so you know where you’re gonna be to get your after hours bidnass. this will be a techno blood orgy. Brief Description: This DEMF […]

Scarlett Johansson album, Anywhere I Lay My Head

This is the new Scarlett Johansson album, Anywhere I Lay My Head. The album consists of 10 Tom Waits covers and 1 original song, and has created quite a buzz, not only because of the performer, with Scarlett arguably being the most beautiful woman in Hollywood but because of the content, as Tom Waits songs […]

gym class heroes/ kidz in the hall shots

gym class heroes/ kidz in the hall shots

[click here] all shots copyright detroitartist.



aXXo came up with this release of Juno by group Larceny. Reason for the nuke is: [Larceny.are.newbz]. Anyway, this version is spread on 4 CDs and the quality is great, with 2,822k video bitrate and AC3 sound. Also, this version includes scenes that were omitted from the retail version, such as a threesome involving Juno, […]

Computer Club

Computer Club

Straight outta Birmingham, Alabama, COMPUTER CLUB makes brilliant electro tracks of giant proportions (so your playlist better make a lot of room). COMPUTER CLUB is alias of one Mike Diasio, better known as Gigantor, of Atlanta-based drum’n’bass group, Evol Intent. After Evol Intent established itself as one of America’s premier drum’n’bass talents, its three members […]

Hillary’s Bosnia Lie

I received a letter from my grandparents today with a photo of barack on a phone. I had to explain it was a photoshopped image of this one. I’m not really a Barack supporter, I’m just anti-Hillary. To show how vile and sick she is, I must devote this morning to a blog post: This […]

It’s official: Microsoft’s concerned about GNU/Linux

Without fanfare (as expected), Microsoft filed its 10-K form to the Security and Exchange Commission. In it, however, we find that Microsoft bemoans the fact that their “business model,” well, might tend to suck in comparison to the open source business model. Not only that — and maybe you should sit down for this — […]

Charlie Brooker – Screenwipe

Charlie Brooker is a British comedy writer, cartoonist, journalist and television presenter. I know him as a columnist for the Guardian. His shows are 100 times greater than his articles, not for the simple fact that motion media is much easier for my sophomoric mind to digest, but that you get to see his wonderfully […]

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company – Remastered DVD

Zeitgeist tonight at Detroit Beer Company - Remastered DVD

Tonight at the Detroit Beer Company Directly Downtown Detroit on Broadway, one block away from Bleu / Oslo Strip. Explosive surround sound by: DJ BILL POWERSOUND. Cinema screen & setup by: DSEFX Visual projections by: KERO LOGISTICS. Lighting & atmophere by: DSEFX & DBC. 16 oz Beer Specilties for $4. Includes the following DBC microbrews. […]

Pirate Bay to Hollywood: Open your Own Torrent Site

Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij from The Pirate Bay recently did a video interview which resulted in some great quotes. One such quote comes from Fredrik, he suggests that the movie and music industry should set up their own torrent site, and monetize it through advertisements. “We would be out of business.” he added. Dayrobber, […]

Independent Film Fridays – City Paradise

On the daily I ran across a familiar still from a short that was featured. I first saw Gaelle Denis’ City Paradise, on IFC when i lived at Emily’s and we had on demand. Every month new films would appear on the on demand raster and i would burn through all the short films (about […]

NIN – Ghosts I (2008), torrent

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor understands where the industry is going. The new music industry is all about flexibility and options. The Nails’ new four-volume instrumental album, Ghosts I-IV, was released Sunday night in digital form, and it was a bit of a sneak attack. The media just caught on to it late yesterday. Last […]

The Avalanches

The Avalanches

Although I’ve been a fan since hearing them on a winamp cast about 5 years ago, I had never scene the video for frontier psychiatrist, all I can say I swell, almost as swell as the video for Since I Left You. A music group from Melbourne, Australia, best known for their live DJ sets […]

Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat, new art

Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat, new art

So “Stuck on Repeat” starts out like your typical electro-disco banger—semi heavy synth line, shuffling beats and a little dash of arpeggio. At a very limited first impression, and aside from the most awesome use of a sleigh bell in probably forever, it all seems pretty safe. Pretty safe that is, until the vocals come […]

History Channel – Life After People

I was over at one of my favorite blogs, and got reminded of a history channel original I watched not to long ago. Life After People explores the tantalizing question of whether all the remnants of mankind will eventually disappear from our planet. What would happen to the earth if humans ceased to exist? […]

Persepolis 2007 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT

I just downloaded this, haven’t had the time opportunity to watch yet. It’s a french animated drama/comedy with rather high ratings from critics and fans as well. The movie holds awesome 8.2 points at IMDB and 94% at RT. The release contains English subtitles and some scenes are also English so you shouldn’t have problems […]

The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

From one free human to another. Should one fear terrorism.. or a police state? We would like to restore democracy, but we’re afraid to face the state that we allowed ourselves to cook in. Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, has written of “End of America”, which I haven’t put a dent in yet, […]

The Machinist [2004] DVDRip XviD-FB – 720p HDDVD x264

A long time favorite of my own, the Machinist pulls out all the stops and make you feel the delirium of the main character. Mr. Bale’s dedication to his movie roles are unsurpassed. He has gone down from 180 pounds to 120 pounds for his part in this 2004 film, before gaining it all back […]

Charles Trent. worth listening to.

Charles Trenet: Boum, a tune designed to lift your spirits. The original beyond the sea. so beautiful come back and i’ll deliver a torrent

Kwame Kilpatrick, Public Broadcasting and Statements

During a broadcast from his family’s church on January 30th, 2008, Kilpatrick said that he apologized to the city and to his supporters in the city. He also said that he was apologizing to his family, his three sons and his wife Carlita, who also spoke after Kilpatrick. The First Lady of Detroit, Carlita Kilpatrick, […]