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Cuisine Evolution

17 Jun 2012 / in Blog, Food, Posts

Molecule-R’s DIY molecular gastronomy set comes with typical lab equipment (pipettes, silicone tubes, and a syringe), a 50-recipe DVD, as well as packets of food additives, including sodium alginate, xanthan gum, and soy lecithin so you can emulsify, spherify, and gelify, etc. to create fantastic dishes such as mint caviar beads that burst in the […]

Lele – Breakfast (2008)

LELE via Jessica Put this on elways reminds me of delicious eggs and bacon. And of course breakfast. Download: [Lele - Breakfast] lelemusique on myspace Lele on

Mark Bittman Eat My Heart Out

Feeling a little like leftover mexican? Think it has anything to do with what you shove into you’re greasy gullet? You might just be right. Nutrition is simple, but the truth seems to be that people let the market make their dietary decisions for them. Imagine food as sex. Do you want cheap superficial mindless […]

07.10.08, Asian Village, Old Miami

me, sam, franki, jess, liz, dicki, getting trashed. david blunk can be seen at the old miami every wednesday night performing as “stevie”. that girl, i always forget her name, the pretty one, what is it? erica? 07.10.08 [click here to enter gallery]

Ryan Hooper Harper Dream Teen Machine. DO IT NOW!

19 Mar 2008 / in Food, Local, Posts, The Arts

My friend Ryan Hooper is a fantastic writer, but that isn’t not why im asking you for your assistance this evening. If he wins this contest (which he ought to, if you take less than a minute of your day to help), he’ll win 5000 dollars and spend it on a bomb-ass, lewd, detroit style […]

rollin fat

26 Jan 2008 / in Blog, Culture, Design, Food, Friday, Photo, Posts, The Arts

left over salmon, aioli mustard sauce, sesame. this was very tasty for left overs. i’ll post no country for old men tomrrow.

Last Weekend 11.10.07

16 Nov 2007 / in Blog, Food, Local, Media, Photo, Posts

Things i forget to mention… I need to better document my weekends with my girl. Our lives are spinning, weaving, making rounds like a caterpillar turned butterfly. I took her to my favorite exhibits. We got chilly quick, we left before it got too dark and she took me to grab a bite. Nestled on […]

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