Detroit By Design Fashion Show, Bankle Building 12.06.08

Detroit By Design Fashion Show, Bankle Building 12.06.08

[enter 12.06.08 gallery] been uber busy, I might put up the shots from motorcity if a few more people mail me. [] clothing by Bethany Shorb

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection MAC OSX, torrent

About five days ago pirated releases started dropping for osx right after Windows users got theirs. I’ve scoured the web for the most stable pirated releases and brought them here. There’s the master collection for osx and pc available here, as well as something called the megapack, which i did not download because its 25 […]

DA Desktop pack 2.2 + Ratatat – Shempi & Mirando

. this is for those of you who show love by using that which i’ve created. revision 2.2 contains four new desktops and goofy picture of me that you wont find elsewhere, so download this pack. if you like “central”, here’s a link to it’s individual distro. Download: [] 9.5mb [Ratatat – Flynn] on youtube […]

Russel Industrial Bazaar/ People’s Art Show

Russel Industrial Bazaar/ People's Art Show

. [Enter Gallery 09.21.08]

NY Times Section – Girl Talk (photo by Christos Schizas)

NY Times Section - Girl Talk (photo by Christos Schizas)

::update:: among all else that is the happened, the morning i discovered this went into print, i woke up in jeff bass‘ mansion in west bloomfield. thank you Alicia and Kacy for being so hospitable. That was by far the best showing of Ferris Bueller’s Day Out ever. Sha nana na nana na. and… “there’s […]

08.18.08 – urban assault detroit terror

08.18.08 - urban assault detroit terror

08.18.08 [click here to enter gallery]

Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing, with tiny girls

can’t see the video? [click here] so it’s official, everything is touch and anything less is not touch. so whats left? ah yes, now we must do it with more style, check out the unboxing of the samsung omnia900. i love the sound the horse makes, something about miniature horses being flicked across a room […]

whack job, bangle building – 08.10.08

whack job, bangle building - 08.10.08

some snaps from 08.10.08 me dave tony and jen get retarded. it was nice to see you angela and mike. quote of the night was from rich when he asks what kind of boat i went tubing on… i say motor boat. dude says “im a sail boat type of guy”. list of things to […]

The Rabbit Panther Turbine Thingy

“The whole rabbit / panther / turbine / tailwind / hairless / razor scenario… driven by an over-cafinated fighter pilot, with a lead foot… all traveling down a ski-jump… in Switzerland… under better than ideal conditions.” Update: The video that was in this post originally has been removed from YouTube. Grab the QuickTime version, here.

Rooftop – wallpapers

Rooftop - wallpapers

a few people have asked me about the shot from main banner, and some friends noticed i had it as my wallpaper. they said i oughta put it up so i did. you have the choice the the sky or the rooftop. i took this shot from the roof of michigan central station overlooking the […]

Wall E TS XviD-PreVail

PreVail is back with another telesync. This wonderful TS is of WALL·E, it’s using a new video source (possibly Russian) which appears to include the whole of the picture, see example here by x3c. Another great release from my favourite CAM/TS group PreVail. Edit: NUKED: nuke.with.timestamp Plot: What if mankind had to leave Earth, and […]

Father’s Day – Think Local, Bethany Shorb Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Father's Day - Think Local, Bethany Shorb Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Father’s day is someday soon, i dont know when, but less twenty days away. You don’t want to seem ungrateful for all the years he didn’t abuse you, but you don’t have to break the bank for a gift so timeless and classy. In fact, anything other than a tie for father’s day would be […]

DEMF 08 shots, Girl Talk Shots

DEMF 08 shots, Girl Talk Shots

[click here] for the remainder of the shots from demf, i didnt really pull out the camera too much, too busy having a good time. click those to get desktop versions, click below to get the rest of the shots and see if you can peep yourself rockin out: [click here] Girl Talk – Red […]

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

thee party for the evening of may 24th, the remainder of you will be unsatisfied. View Larger Map May 24 – Detroit TOO FAR GONE… NO WAY BACK 12 hour party 9pm-1am TOO FAR GONE presented by Dethlab. Tag team DJ set from ADULT., Perspects, Dethlab and Cowboy Mark. DJ set from MOTOR. 1am-9am NO […]

fri, chi, mia, ana

fri, chi, mia, ana

we stayed at the hyatt this week, i dont know what jena and aimee said to the concierge, but they gave us the top floor next to the conference suite and the view was pretty tight, not to mention we ate for free cause they keep the conference suite stocked. did some clubbing. happy birthday […]

Audio-Surf: Ride your music. Audio-surf portable torrent.

Ride Your Music Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience. In Audiosurf the player controls a levitating spaceship-like craft similar to those found in Wipeout or F-Zero. The player then maneuvers it down a colorful multi-laned highway, collecting blocks in a manner similar to Klax. […]

new art

new art

“Special” mp3 player

"Special" mp3 player

praise the lord, it’s an mp3 playing cross Description: 100% BRAND NEW! Never Used Before! 512MB Flash Memory Cross Shape design, special and Fashionable Color: Black Support MP3 and WMA format LCD Display Built in Speaker Turn on Animated Image Digital Recording Function: Built-in microphone with about 100 mins high quality voice recording Replay Mode: […]

AIbert Einstein, is a physicist

. With all of our recent technological advancements, we’ve collected our greatest minds for the ultimate goal, allowing our god complex to dictate over our honed morality twisting it into ungodly reason. Without government restrictions, a scientific task force in a South Korean lab has executed their reprehensible agenda, and spawned the abominable cybernetic organism […]

Fashion Week, Detroit

among other artists, my friend angela will be there. more info: [] or call me248.7221682.

The Cat’s Meow

The Cat's Meow

From an accessories-laden fairground carousel at Chanel to an extraordinary stark-white tented environment at YSL, this season’s catwalks or fashion show venues, if you prefer, were as impressive as the collections they housed. Above: Alexander McQueen called his show ‘The girl who lived in a tree’. The set was inspired by environmental artist Christo. Chanel […]

Design, Nienke Sybrandy, Wouter Nieuwendijk and Suzanne Vanoirschot

Design, Nienke Sybrandy, Wouter Nieuwendijk and Suzanne Vanoirschot

Nienke Sybrandy I have to commend Dutch designer, Nienke Sybrandy, who created the original model of ASCII sun curtains. From a distance, the macro takes the shape of a tree. However, upon closer inspection, you can clearly see all the design is composed of hundreds of thousands of ASCII characters. Very dope, would eventually like […]

Unedited Interview with legendary Dr. Revolt By RPH

Dr. Revolt has been decorating the streets of New York City with his ‘psychedelic’ spray paint stylings since the mid-seventies. Here, in this completely unedited interview, Dr. Revolt discusses his upcoming live art installation at the upcoming Sneaker Project (March 29 & 30) being held at the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. (Interview conducted by Ryan […]

Independent Film Fridays – City Paradise

On the daily I ran across a familiar still from a short that was featured. I first saw Gaelle Denis’ City Paradise, on IFC when i lived at Emily’s and we had on demand. Every month new films would appear on the on demand raster and i would burn through all the short films (about […]