the what tobacco

the what tobacco

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Dressing For Pleasure

Dressing For Pleasure

Invisible Bicycle Helmut

Invisible Bicycle Helmut

Let’s Play Limbo

Let's Play Limbo




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Jeremy Scott Spring Summer 2011

Jeremy Scott Spring Summer 2011

“thank you for shopping here” : ) pulled from today/tmrrow the show

Nook – Blue Bird

Nook - Blue Bird

By Nook, Look him up on google and find more of his incredible work. thank you papermanda

Dan Pallotta tells all “Work isn’t Worry”

Dan Pallotta is a leading expert on innovation in the nonprofit sector and a pioneering social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Pallotta TeamWorks, which invented the multiday AIDSRides and Breast Cancer 3-Days. He is the author of Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential. Many of us have grown up thinking that if […]


Oliver Laric’s “Versions 2010”

Oliver Laric's "Versions 2010"

Watch: 2009: 2010: via Recycled Disney Animations

Die Antwoord

can’t see the video? click here. “But Christos, I’ve already seen this video”. For those of you who haven’t; February 5th Friday night was Die Antwoord’s first gig since they exploded on computer screens around the planet. In the matter of a few days they went from being Waddy Jones and Yolandi Visser’s weird, barely […]

The Flairs – Trucker’s Delight. wtf.

can’t see the video?

Friday the 15th: “Crash” the Art of Bethany Shorb and Cyberoptix Tielab 2010

Here’s to a lady who multi-faceted talent and dedication have inspired me to re-create myself several times over. Her works an exhibition of grace in the realms of business and pleasure. Come celebrate the success and bask in the fellowship of Bethany Shorb and birthday bud Michael Doyle on this wonderful evening. Are you fucking […]

The Flairs – Better Than Prince (it’s a musical video)

can’t see the video? click here. rotoscoping, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get high.

Happiness In Slavery, NIN

Little flashback. I know i haven’t been posting lately, but be assured I’ll be back at it… there’s a reason for everything ; ) can’t see the video? click here.

I actually work + Slow Motion City – Tom Valko. Happy Birthday Dave.

I actually work + Slow Motion City - Tom Valko. Happy Birthday Dave.

So I haven’t been posting because I’ve been out of commission. If you know me you understand, and for those who don’t you better ask somebody and quit blowing my shit up. Yesterday, Wayne State writer Matthew Gully planted an article on detroitexposure for the The South End detailing mayor Ken Cockrel’s presence at our […]

Recycling, Saftey and Art

Yesterday I walked into a hardware store and gripped up all the little pieces to fashion myself a new camera strap. Essentially the material is dog leash and though its a little narrow, its tough and will hold up. I planned on have my girlfriend craft some kind of padding for the neck of the […]

Second Monthly S2dio Night Detail

Second Monthly S2dio Night Detail

Figured I ought to post a detail from the last gallery showing. To all who weren’t there or came late, these were the two i went gonzo with. Might upload them larger and throw option to by this evening when I’m not posting from the phone. The second one has no retouching, while the first […] S2UDIO NIGHT Tonight at The Bankle

2944 Woodward, Detroit Our Gallery Showing is Tonight, Starts at 10, goes till about 4 I think. 5 bones after 11pm Call if you are confused. 248722.1682. View Larger Map Link to Map. My friend Jeff is actually picking up David Blane from the airport right now so that’s a given guest appearance. He’s doing […]

Balloon animals having sex

Sex selling sex. Reason I love this commercial 1. Promotes safe sex 2. I love balloon animals 3. No ones left out [outtakes] [] via []

Objectified, a film about industrial design

Objectified, a film about industrial design, is a new movie by Gary Hustwit. It’s his followup to Helvetica, which was totally awesome. The film should be released in March, 2009. Paola Antonelli (Museum of Modern Art, New York) Chris Bangle (BMW Group, Munich) Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (Paris) Andrew Blauvelt (Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) Anthony […]

Apple Introduces Macbook Wheel

can’t see the video? click here. Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

XEQUALSWHY? @ THC, Hamtramck + BankleAP, Detroit- 12.20.08

I had so much fun this evening. I have to thank Cheryl and Rich for making this evening happen first and foremost. Then Josh, JohnB, Cait, Eva, Mike, Bethany, David Blunk II, Steph, Tony, Audre, Mike, Amy, Jeff, Carinne, Shanon, Phil, Sam, Alex.. Ernie, Joe, Steve, the bands… It was a exhilarating, overwhelming, orgasmic. The […]

The 1962 science fiction film La Jetée by Chris Marker.

Photos from Stavey Pullen’s AIDS benefit, as well as Cliff Bell’s will be up later, come back soon. La Jetée is set in a post-nuclear war paris and focuses on a group of survivors living underground as they experiment with time travel. It was produced with minimal budget, has no dialogue, and was constructed almost […]