Bruce Giffin – Opening interview – 11.06.10

Bruce Giffin - Opening interview - 11.06.10

Bruce Giffin from philip southern on Vimeo. First opening photo show at Detroit Exposure for Bruce Giffin’s work. The following is a quick interview about the show and two of the people in it. music by HusbandandWife First opening photo show at Detroit Exposure for Bruce Giffin’s work. The following is a quick interview about […]

Denise Grünstein

Denise Grünstein

These are some debut works by Denise Grünstein, born in Finland, 1956. She still works and lives in Stockholm. She’s part of Cameralink, which houses some of the most renowned photographers in Sweden. Their works have mad cred and appear at such places as the Museum for Modern Art in Stockholm. You know what i […]

Japanese Business Men

Japanese Business Men

Hä*Wie!? 2010

Hä*Wie!? 2010 Pinkiiie & Däivid Hä*Wie!? 2010 SlowmotionTest Kassel/Germany

Lele – Breakfast (2008)

Lele - Breakfast (2008)

LELE via Jessica Put this on elways reminds me of delicious eggs and bacon. And of course breakfast. Download: [Lele – Breakfast] [Audio clip: view full post to listen] lelemusique on myspace Lele on

Invocation of my demon brother 1969 kennethy anger

Invocation of my demon brother 1969 kennethy anger

Are you having trouble? Click here. BONUS! The Devils (Ken Russell, 1971) via

Die Antwoord Tickets Detroit

Die Antwoord Tickets Detroit

Die Antwoord’s Ninja, left, and Yolandi: ‘A lot of people wanted to ban the interweb to stop us getting known.’ View Previous articles concerning this group Figured I’d post a follow-up article considering these muther-fakirs are coming to detroit. When Die Antwoord checked their emails on 2 February this year, among the 5,000 or so […]

Nook – Blue Bird

Nook - Blue Bird

By Nook, Look him up on google and find more of his incredible work. thank you papermanda

Payton []

Payton []

Devendra Banhart – “Foolin'” (Official Video)

cant see the video? click here. “Foolin” By Devendra Banhart from the album What Will We Be Starring Devendra Banhart & Joel Virgil I appreciate fruit from collaborative efforts of Director Isaiah Seret, along with Trevor Jones, Arthur Jafa. I like Devendra Banhart, I like Joel Virgil. Both characters project a kind of magical mastery […]

Processed Circumstance – Amanda Faye Cain

Processed Circumstance - Amanda Faye Cain

In case you were unable to attend the opening reception, the Access Arts Belle Isle Exhibit runs until Saturday July, 31. You can retrieve a copy of the map at Also, we will have a special repeat performance by Amanda Faye Cain. She will begin her performance promptly at 6:30 PM on Friday, July […]

Oliver Laric’s “Versions 2010”

Oliver Laric's "Versions 2010"

Watch: 2009: 2010: via Recycled Disney Animations

What’s Good for Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. She’s a star (exhibit a.). She’s something I can appreciate, it’s frank, elegant, pleasant. She has class, she’s pretty and youthful. As of June fourth I received a reply to a hand written letter that I had sent miss Allen earlier this year. I hope it was actually […]

forget about your ex

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User iamdelciouscake sings.

The vocal stylings of Camille made an impression. She doesn’t just play piano. Her vocals are occasionally hurried, but the anxious passion in that voice keep me transfixed. Got me posing maudlin mind over the halls I left in Belgium. Belle & Sebastian – Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un […]

Die Antwoord

can’t see the video? click here. “But Christos, I’ve already seen this video”. For those of you who haven’t; February 5th Friday night was Die Antwoord’s first gig since they exploded on computer screens around the planet. In the matter of a few days they went from being Waddy Jones and Yolandi Visser’s weird, barely […]

The Flairs – Trucker’s Delight. wtf.

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Mark Bittman Eat My Heart Out

Feeling a little like leftover mexican? Think it has anything to do with what you shove into you’re greasy gullet? You might just be right. Nutrition is simple, but the truth seems to be that people let the market make their dietary decisions for them. Imagine food as sex. Do you want cheap superficial mindless […]

Friday the 15th: “Crash” the Art of Bethany Shorb and Cyberoptix Tielab 2010

Here’s to a lady who multi-faceted talent and dedication have inspired me to re-create myself several times over. Her works an exhibition of grace in the realms of business and pleasure. Come celebrate the success and bask in the fellowship of Bethany Shorb and birthday bud Michael Doyle on this wonderful evening. Are you fucking […]

The Flairs – Better Than Prince (it’s a musical video)

can’t see the video? click here. rotoscoping, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get high.

Happiness In Slavery, NIN

Little flashback. I know i haven’t been posting lately, but be assured I’ll be back at it… there’s a reason for everything ; ) can’t see the video? click here.

Röyksopp – What Else Is There?

Röyksopp - What Else Is There?

can’t see the video? click here. I never got into Röyksopp but I knew it was a matter of time before I answered the call. I must say it was the perfect soundtrack to my work day. It’s toe-tappin’ head-bobbin fun from the elegant rhythms and rich pluggy waves, to intricate upbeat tone with moving […]

Michael Jackson… Post, Moonwalker Torrent

can’t see the video? click here I don’t have a lot to say about this other than when you recap you say wtf happened. Was it the media, pedophilia, owning the elephant man’s bones that haunted Michael Jackson, was he a robot? I can’t say i don’t have the time, someone’s being shady outside our […]

Recycling, Saftey and Art

Yesterday I walked into a hardware store and gripped up all the little pieces to fashion myself a new camera strap. Essentially the material is dog leash and though its a little narrow, its tough and will hold up. I planned on have my girlfriend craft some kind of padding for the neck of the […]