Miss 45

Miss 45

or just search youtube and the whole movie comes up.

Who will save Charlie Sheen? | Art Threat

Who will save Charlie Sheen? | Art Threat

Charlie Sheen’s descent into what has, in the last few days, appeared to be a sort of personal narcissistic totality, has been quick. While the severity of his current condition is slightly shocking, it’s hardly unfamiliar. In fact, Sheen offers us a glimpse into our own culture, writ large across an increasingly gaunt face, and […]

The Left Rights – “I’M ON CRACK”

The Left Rights - "I'M ON CRACK"

can’t see? click here. Torrent: The Left Rights – Bad Choices Made Easy (2010) Though not enjoyed by everyone, in small amounts it hits the spot. I’m talking about The Left Rights, silly. If you liked MSI, perhaps you’ll enjoy this side project which includes pounding electronic beats, asses in faces, and a very filthy […]

Candy (2006 film), torrent

This was a draft from last month, I had more to say then, but here’s what this film will boil down to. Puts your stomach in searing knots, enables sadness, desperation and hopelessness. A reminder that only time can heal some things. Candy is one of those films where you walk away feeling a little […]

Genghis Tron & YIPYIP @ Small’s Bar [10.20.08]

Genghis Tron & YIPYIP @ Small's Bar [10.20.08]


Girl Talk, Krak Attack, & Deathset @ The Crofoot Ballroom (11.11.08). 372 shot set.

Girl Talk, Krak Attack, & Deathset @ The Crofoot Ballroom (11.11.08). 372 shot set.

Those of you that called the next day, please call back i kind of smashed my phone and if you didn’t leave your number in my voicemail i don’t have it, that includes the person who works for google + all models. Josh & Liz, this evening wouldn’t have been near as celebratory without you, […]

Barrack Obama is our president + New Jack City, Torrent

I asked my little sister to write a review on New Jack City, which she hasn’t seen. “Where survival depends on friends, trust and power… An organized crime family out to run this city is up against cops who knows its streets.” “They’re a new breed of gangster.” “The new public enemy.” “The new family […]

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection MAC OSX, torrent

About five days ago pirated releases started dropping for osx right after Windows users got theirs. I’ve scoured the web for the most stable pirated releases and brought them here. There’s the master collection for osx and pc available here, as well as something called the megapack, which i did not download because its 25 […]

whack job, bangle building – 08.10.08

whack job, bangle building - 08.10.08

some snaps from 08.10.08 me dave tony and jen get retarded. it was nice to see you angela and mike. quote of the night was from rich when he asks what kind of boat i went tubing on… i say motor boat. dude says “im a sail boat type of guy”. list of things to […]

Train Station Peeps!

Train Station Peeps!

As promised, Christos and I have some pictures to post for the nice ladies and gentlemen we met at the Detroit Central Train Station. We do have more, be patient, they’ll be up. click any image below to enter a gallery. More to come! -Joshua []

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

May 24th. Too Far Gone, No Way Back.

thee party for the evening of may 24th, the remainder of you will be unsatisfied. View Larger Map May 24 – Detroit TOO FAR GONE… NO WAY BACK 12 hour party 9pm-1am TOO FAR GONE presented by Dethlab. Tag team DJ set from ADULT., Perspects, Dethlab and Cowboy Mark. DJ set from MOTOR. 1am-9am NO […]

The Bassment Presents May 23rd Demf afterparty: McCarthy’s Pub “Skymall, Heartworm, Xrin Arm..”

Just a reminder, this is going down on friday the 23rd around the same time is demf, will be going until 5am whereas they’re ending demf at like 11pm this year. so you know where you’re gonna be to get your after hours bidnass. this will be a techno blood orgy. Brief Description: This DEMF […]

RIAA says your sister sells rock

I just uploaded this video today, so I wont be surprised if some powers that be take it down before too long. If so I’ll find something besides youtube. look at that fat fucker. This is a leaked official RIAA training video produced with the National District Attorneys Association telling U.S. prosecutors why they should […]