Bar S2UDIO NIGHT Tonight at The Bankle

2944 Woodward, Detroit Our Gallery Showing is Tonight, Starts at 10, goes till about 4 I think. 5 bones after 11pm Call if you are confused. 248722.1682. View Larger Map Link to Map. My friend Jeff is actually picking up David Blane from the airport right now so that’s a given guest appearance. He’s doing […]

XEQUALSWHY? @ THC, Hamtramck + BankleAP, Detroit- 12.20.08

I had so much fun this evening. I have to thank Cheryl and Rich for making this evening happen first and foremost. Then Josh, JohnB, Cait, Eva, Mike, Bethany, David Blunk II, Steph, Tony, Audre, Mike, Amy, Jeff, Carinne, Shanon, Phil, Sam, Alex.. Ernie, Joe, Steve, the bands… It was a exhilarating, overwhelming, orgasmic. The […]

Last week, I planted a homing device in your mother’s skull.

Last week, I planted a homing device in your mother's skull.

So eh. Shots from THC + the Bankle will be up after i have a smoke and take a shower. Have you seen the shots from grimindustries? josh has been killin it, by far my better half. should be up and ready to kill in the next two weeks. So last week me and […]

Genghis Tron & YIPYIP @ Small’s Bar [10.20.08]

Genghis Tron & YIPYIP @ Small's Bar [10.20.08]