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Who will save Charlie Sheen? | Art Threat

23 Mar 2011 / in Actual Writing, Crack, Ecstacy, Events, Humor, Posts

Charlie Sheen’s descent into what has, in the last few days, appeared to be a sort of personal narcissistic totality, has been quick. While the severity of his current condition is slightly shocking, it’s hardly unfamiliar. In fact, Sheen offers us a glimpse into our own culture, writ large across an increasingly gaunt face, and […]


24 Dec 2010 / in Actual Writing, Blog, Posts

Let’s start with a provocative statement: If you can meet anyone, you can be anyone. Without the people I’ve met, I would be nothing. All of us on the web– hell, anyone in business– knows that the more people are in your network, the more powerful you are. So, maybe you’ve read How To Make […]

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