Ryan Hooper Harper Dream Teen Machine. DO IT NOW!

My friend Ryan Hooper is a fantastic writer, but that isn’t not why im asking you for your assistance this evening. If he wins this contest (which he ought to, if you take less than a minute of your day to help), he’ll win 5000 dollars and spend it on a bomb-ass, lewd, detroit style party, to which you will be invited.

1.) [Go here], add Harper Teen as a friend (the add will be instant).
2.) Scroll down to where it says Harper Teen Writing Challenge
3.) Select “Ryan Hooper”, click submit, and thats it. Do it everyday for as long as you can, (the contest ends soon).

You don’t have to prove to me that you’re not lazy, i’m just saying, let me convince you with reverse psychology.


on another note:
RFID technology was introduced to the public initially by the Rockafeller, at the Rockafeller Library by means of a book cataloging system. To this day it is used everywhere, from access cards, to anti-theft devices etc.. Only now the man wants to put them under ur skin. dont do it. unless you want this to happen to ur bankz acountz

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