Vuze Dashboard has introduced me to many independent artist that would have otherwise gone noticed. This ill piece is comprised of classic and contemporary anime from over 100 different AMV artist. Mix that with a highly dancable synced track from more than 240 songs from the nineties, and you have Animix. I witness clips from akira, puni puni poemi, ghost in the shell, neon genesis evangelion, vampire hunter and hundreds more. If you’re fan of the aforementioned, you will appreciate this, if not, with wont get it (it’s extremely “progressive”). Best way to experience the rapture is with several hundred watts and many thousands of lumens.

The project started in summer 2003, and was completed in april 2004.
It was awarded “Best Multi creator AMV 2004” at’s Viewers choice awards 2005

Torrent: AniMix_Project-Full.512×384.XviD.mkv

Vuze Dash:

Reminds me of a well synced dub i witnessed at sixteen, when rammstein got big in the US:

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