You’ll put your eye out

i would cherish this stylish shaving razor

I came across a few days ago, right in time for the holidays. This is by no means a place to find practical gifts, but imagine the look our your friend or family member’s face when they unwrap their new spiked flail. You can buy a jimmy club, and a dental mirror, on the same site. Who’da thunk it?
They have swords that are replicas as well as functional full tang (solid handle to blade). There are some good deals like this solid black ninja sword. And this gorgeous, yet reasonably priced rosewood replica shirasaya. Much is novel and decor, however the site has many adequate arms, and the buyer feedback is informative and comedic. If you’re into kendo, check out their bokken and their shinais for a good buy. For you connoisseurs, the double folded steel is priced respectively in the few-hundred range. I myself am pretty low maintenance and could use new a shaving razor. .’_’.

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